Mboma Media

Connecting and facilitating your relationship with the Youth.

Student-focused TV channel


31 Campuses across South Africa


Communicating to the youth, the future of the South African economy.


To inform, motivate, inspire and educate students so they can make better decisions.

Unlocking Potential

Influence conversations so that we can move the youth by being relevant, understanding and giving them a reason to engage.

Benefits of the tv channel and screens

Communicate directly with students

Captive audience

Run for 10 hours of the day, from Monday to Friday.

Enabling content constantly displayed.

Career Guidance 0
Bursaries 0
Internships & Learnerships 0
Job Opportunities 0
How to prepare for the job market 0
Entertainment 0
Advertising 0
How SETA's can help you 0
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31 Campuses

Over 100 000 Students

Broadcast 10 hours a day

The youth an important market segment